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Guidelines on developing WPF and Silverlight Applications

February 19, 2009

Microsoft has recently released the guidelines for developing composite WPF and Silverlight applications. The guidelines are supported with sample source code and documentation. The Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight is designed to help you more easily build enterprise-level Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight client applications. It will help you design loosely coupled, independently evolvable pieces that work together in the overall application.

The guidance includes a reference implementation, reusable library code (named the Composite Application Library), documentation, QuickStart tutorials, and hands-on labs.

You can download the guidelines here.


Virtual Tech Days is back!

January 23, 2009

Virtual Tech Days.. A series of technical sessions delivered by key note speakers is back ! The agenda for the sessions en comprises of Top web application security bugs, Weaving security in your apps, SDL threat modeling, ASP.NET Ajax fundas, UX fundas, WPF and lot more. Hurry up and register yourself to this exciting event!

You can find more info here:


Happy New Year!

January 2, 2009

Wish You All A Very Happy New Year 🙂

Agile/Scrum Methodology for Software Projects!

December 25, 2008

Here is a classic presentation from Ken Schwaber on Agile/Scrum methodology for software project development.

Click here to view the presentation on youtube.

All new Google Chrome!!!

September 4, 2008
Google enters into a new era of competition in IE Browsers. Google has launched its new “Google Chrome” browser and claims to be one of the fastest internet browser. This browser has many advance functions including the unique one – incognito window. The data (such as cookies etc)entered into the incognito window will not be saved in the browser history. Chrome has a capability to show “Most Visited” pages, Recent Bookmarks and even search box is provided on the IE. Unlike other browsers, Chrome gives a larger client area (client area is the area where the web page is displayed).

Explore more and have a happy browsing !

Magic with Windows!!!

September 2, 2008

See the magic that happens in Windows (except Vista) 🙂

Nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the computer which can be named as “CON“. Try it!!!

This one is awesome. Try it yourself…
Open Microsoft Word and type
=rand (200, 99)
and then press ENTER

Do the following:
1. Open an emty notepad file
2. Type “bush hid the facts” ( without the quotes )
3. Save it as whatever you want.
4. Close it, and re-open it.
See what has happened….
You can try the same thing above with another sentence “this app can break”.

There are logical reasons behind these magic… try to find them!

All New Microsoft Forums !!!

May 15, 2008

Microsoft has proposed to launch new MSDN forums : MSDN TechNet Expression Microsoft. The existing posts will be moved to the new forums in May. The points that are gained by the users will be preserved. A Sandbox forum, where you can create threads and try out functionality, and a suggestions forum where you can give your feedback.