How to get the position of a control using Javascript?

Here is a handy functions to get the posisiton of a control using Javascript:


alert(getElementPosition('txtName').top + ' ' + getElementPosition('txtName').left);


 function getElementPosition(elemID) {
var offsetTrail = document.getElementById(elemID);
var offsetLeft = 0;
var offsetTop = 0;
while (offsetTrail) {
offsetLeft += offsetTrail.offsetLeft;
offsetTop += offsetTrail.offsetTop;
offsetTrail = offsetTrail.offsetParent;
return { left: offsetLeft, top: offsetTop };

We can get the current scroll position of the document using:

var scrolly = typeof window.pageYOffset != 'undefined' ? window.pageYOffset : document.documentElement.scrollTop;
var scrollx = typeof window.pageXOffset != 'undefined' ? window.pageXOffset : document.documentElement.scrollLeft;

Hope this helps you…


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